An organization’s strategy must be fully understood and embraced by the very men and women who must implement it; otherwise, it is simply just a theoretical abstraction that resides only on a document and in minds of a few people.

We will help you create a learning and engagement program that is customized to the unique attributes of your people and organization. Programs can include training seminars, individual coaching, group exercises, e-learning, or live webinars.


Example Topics

Past training programs have inclluded: 

  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Collaborating Across Boundaries
  • Driving Innovation
  • What the Science of Humans Networks can Teach us about Employee Engagement & Inclusion
  • Full Spectrum Leaders and the Role of Human Networks, Social Capital and Emotional Intelligence
  • A Network Approach to Knowledge Management
  • Post-Merger Integration Without the Blindfold
  • A New Framework for Understanding and Managing Inclusion in a Diverse Workplace
  • Leveraging Human Networks for Personal and Career Development
  • Technology: the Double-Edged Sword in Personal and Organizational Connectivity


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