Change Management requires an understanding of organizational habits (or routines), which govern the everyday functioning of every company, the ways of modifying them in an effective and long lasting way.
Organizational habits work much the same way as human habits.  Modern neuroscience shows us that human habits are made up of: 1) a Cue which intiates the habit loop, 2) the Routine which is the behavioral element, 3) the Reward which serves to incentivize the habit behavior, and 4) a Craving Mechanism which gradually develops and makes the habit self-sustaining and ingrained.


Organizations also have habits that are governed by Cues, Routines, Rewards and Craving Mechanisms.  And like human habits, they can anyalyzed and modified in order to create lasting change.  


This training program covers:
  • Identify and understanding an organization's Habits
  • Analyzing critical Habits in order to pinpoint the Cues, Routines, Rewards and Craving Mechanisms that sustain them.
  • Modifying outdated or harmful Habits by switching Routines and experimenting with new Cues and Rewards.
  • Overcoming the inevitable obstacles to change that undermine most habits.