One of the primary ways Constellation SAS helps clients boost their organizational effectiveness is by visually mapping and analyzing their informal human networks, providing the critical business intelligence they need to drive collaboration, innovation and large-scale organizational change.


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Consider the org chart on the left of an exploration and production department of a large oil company.  Then examine the network diagram of the same department on the right.  It's a map of who goes to whom for work-related information.  Notice anything unusual?

If you were a high-level executive at this oil company with little knowledge of this particular department, what would you be able to do with just an org chart?  How would you know how things really got done in the group?  How would you know where the real human talent lies?

Human networks diagrams provide the capability to see the hidden movers and shakers within your organization, giving you a broader and more detailed view of potential leadership candidates to consider for development and promotion.

Another way to find hidden potential leaders is to see who people turn to for guidance when the formal leaders are unavailable or ineffective.  This kind of intelligence can be uncovered by network tools such as a "What If" network analysis.  For example, the diagrams below show an organization's human network both with and without it's formal leaders.  Notice who people turn to in the second diagram.



Here's how Constellation SAS can help your organization develop its current and future leaders:

  • Organizational Network Analysis
  • Succession Planning Strategy Building
  • Presentations on How Human Networks and Social Capital Drive Leadership
  • Formal Leadership Training Sessions and Workshops (from two hours to one week in length)
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development Strategy Planning