One of the primary ways Constellation SAS helps clients boost their organizational effectiveness is by visually mapping and analyzing their informal human networks, providing the critical business intelligence they need to drive collaboration, innovation and large-scale organizational change.

Knowledge Mgmt. Glossary

Explicit Knowledge is knowledge that has been or can be documented or easily articulated.  This type of knowledge can be readily transmitted to others through the written word, diagrams or mathematical equations. 

Tacit Knowledge, in contrast, is difficult to share with others through written or spoken communication.  It often requires trust and extensive personal contact to transfer to another person.  Examples of this kind of knowledge include many abilities such as riding a bike or speaking a language.



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"If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more profitable."

Lew Platt, former CEO of Hewlett Packard


Have you ever...

  • worked on a project, only to find out that someone else in the organization had previously done something similar --- and realized that you could have saved yourself a great deal of time and effort if you had only known about it beforehand?
  • had to "re-invent the wheel" simply because it was a lot easier than trying to find information on what had been done before?
  • needlessly lost tremendous amounts of valuable time at work because a critical piece of information was held by a single colleague who just happened to be on vacation or sick leave that day (and didn't have his or her Blackberry available)?

These are failures of Knowledge Management in the workplace and they are very costly.

A great deal of the most valuable knowledge that our organization needs to meet its goals and stay competitive resides not in computer systems and on paper, but scattered among numerous people in the form of tacit knowledge (see glossary on the left).  Constellation SAS' Organizational Connectivity™ tools can help you locate exactly where knowledge resides and how it is currently being accessed and shared.


Here's how Constellation SAS can help your organization improve its Knowledge Management:

  • Presentations on the Organizational  Connectivity™ Approach to Knowledge Management
  • Formal Training Sessions and Workshops (from two hours to one week in length)
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
  • Knowledge Network Analysis Projects
  • Knowledge Network Strategy Planning