One of the primary ways Constellation SAS helps clients boost their organizational effectiveness is by visually mapping and analyzing their informal human networks, providing the critical business intelligence they need to drive collaboration, innovation and large-scale organizational change.


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Leverage the Science of Collaboration


Constellation Strategy & Analytical Services is a leading-edge management consulting firm that specializes in improving organizational effectiveness.  We employ a range of advanced analytical tools such as Organizational Connectivity™, a framework which is based on the field of Social Network Analysis (“SNA”) and is also grounded in disciplines such as behavioral economics, neuroscience and knowledge diffusion theory. Organizational Connectivity™ uncovers relationships and patterns of interaction between individuals.  This type of information does not appear on any traditional organization charts, but it provides vivid details about group dynamics, including those showing how work actually gets done and how ideas spread.


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 The diagram on the left is a standard organization chart that is familiar to most people.  It shows members of the organization arranged by subdivision and lines of authority, but reveals little more than that.  The diagram on the right is the same organization displayed as a network with the small squares representing people and the connecting lines showing the interactions among them.  In this particular example, the lines represent work-related interactions with the width of the lines reflecting the frequency of contact between each pair of people.

Constellation employs Organizational Connectivity™ as an organizational diagnostic tool to assist organizations with critical issues such as the post-merger integration of companies, the breakdown of barriers between departmental silos and the development of innovation networks throughout a firm.  This powerful capability enables us to analyze the group dynamics of an organization in great detail so that we can identify the most appropriate and effective solutions to our clients’ most pressing concerns.

Other applications for our methodology include:

  • Promoting collaboration & innovation
  • Process improvement / Reengineering
  • Succession planning
  • Building a more inclusive work environment for diverse individuals
  • Supporting strategic partnerships
  • Developing communities of practice